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Recycling a Bicycle

Well, what's this all about then? Ok, the idea is that rather than just throwing your old bike away, give it to someone who could find a use for it, be it to strip for parts, repair, or if it's perfectly ok, just use as it is. On the other side, if you see a discarded bike, say at the local dump or in a skip (get permission before taking anything from a skip as it is classed as stealing if you don't!!!), are given a bike or have one hidden away under all that stuff in the garage/shed/cellar etc. don't just leave it, take it and use it. A lot of bikes are thrown away every day that are in perfect condition, or may need a few minor repairs or tweaks, all because the owners don't really know how to look after a bike correctly, or won't go to a local bike shop to get advice and spares.

Anyway, the biggest and main reason about all this is to promote recycling. There are all kinds of ways to recycle, be it putting your plastic bottles and tin cans into your recycling bins or boxes, using unwanted wood to build a fence or green house, but in this case it's re-using something that isn't beyond use. The only bike I have come across so far that was most definitely scrap was an oldish town bike that had been run over, literally crushed to death and nothing was salvageable (well, maybe the brake and gear cables!!!), even the pannier bag was damaged!!!

One thing I should mention about discarded bikes is that they could be stolen. If you come across a bike on say along a canal towpath or by a railway, if it's mostly intact then take it to a local Police station, also let them know that if the original owner doesn't collect it that you would take it for yourself to save them storage space!!! Also, you could even go to them to see if they have any unclaimed bikes that they want to dispose of, you never know!!!

Also, using Freagle or similar groups, eBay, your local free ads and other local advertising, you can come across bikes for free or fairly cheaply, you can even place an advert to ask for unwanted bikes and you may be lucky!!!